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Therapy For A Balanced Life

"No matter your intentions,  have them come from a state of kalm."


Currently offering psychotherapy, counselling and massage therapy. These services are covered by most extended healthcare benefits. Please check with your insurance company to confirm the details.


The goal with psychotherapy varies depending on what a client presents with but in a general sense it aims to help the client improve behaviors, emotions, and thought processes.

Massage Therapy

Treatments range from stress reduction, pain management, insomnia, athletic injuries, chronic tension, migraines repetitive strain injuries, pregnancy to child/ youth treatments.

Life coaching

" There are many reasons why  we disconnect from ourselves, the important piece is that one starts to become aware of the disconnect or imbalance in their life. While reconnecting with ourvselves may seem like an unfamiliar concept it is where our own answers lie for balance and healing. When we can shift the lens we see the world through, life may feel a little less heavy."

Kayla Schofield


Kayla Schofield

Registered Psychotherapist & Massage Therapist

After many years practicing massage therapy, I felt like something was missing. So I began my own journey and found psychotherapy to be something I am truly passionate about.

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My Approach & Philosophy

I believe in providing a warm, safe, compassionate environment for my clients. I meet clients where they are in their journey and provide a judgement free zone. Your life is important and only you can decide which path to take. I would be honouored to support you through the process.

 I use techniques such as, inner child work, focusing, chakra balancing or de-cording, body psychotherapy, talk therapy, Internal Family System (IFS), family of origin, guided meditations, two-chair, and mindfulness.

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